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Many of Rabbi Jon’s stories and articles about and by him are found below.  One of his passions is writing and it is reflected in his written work.  His sermons are filled with stories that bring life to the points he makes.  He writes for both adults and children.  To learn more about his philosophies and opinions, read one of his articles found below.

High Holy Days Sermons 2017:

Stop, Listen, Reflect and Respond

Hearing Voices – HHD Sermon by Rabbi Jon Hanish 2017


Recent Award recipient: Rabbi Jon Hanish:

Moving & Shaking: Mike Burstyn’s directorial debut, Rabbi Jon Hanish honored and more

Recent poem by Rabbi Jon Hanish:

In Memory of Heather Heyer – Recited at Shabbat 8/18/17


Recent sermons by Rabbi Jon Hanish:

Tiki Torches – Shabbat Sermon 8/18/17

Get Over It — It’s Just Urine – Shabbat Sermon 3/3/17


Recent articles by Rabbi Jon Hanish:

Jewish Journal – May 2016 “What’s a Parent To Do?

Union For Reform Judaism – May 2016 – “When Did Stress Become the Norm for Seventh Graders?”


High Holy Days Sermons 2016:

Refugees, Terrorists & Spies

How Do We Use Our Privilege?

Dazed, Confused & Jewish

A Eulogy for a Witness


Media Coverage on Rabbi Jon Hanish and Kol Tikvah:

Jewish Philanthropy – February 2015 – “Taking The Torah Home at Kol Tikvah”

Beverly Press – April 2016 – “JQ International to honor Jewish LGBTQ advocates”

Woodland Hills Patch – May 2016 “Father, Mother and Activivist: A Transgender Journey”


More articles about and by Rabbi Jon Hanish:

Jon Hanish Archives – Our Jewish Community

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