Adult Education

Welcome to the Kol Tikvah Adult Education classes

Classes for adults of all ages

At our core there resides a single idea…joy!

The goal of the Kol Tikvah Adult Education program is to provide insight, understanding, and education regarding topics that touch on Jewish life.  Our courses run the gamut from Torah study, to the place of Jews in society, perspectives on God, and a book club focused on Jewish themes. Additionally, we strive to meet the secular needs and desires of our community by offering classes that touch upon every day topics including financial management, computer literacy, and public school choices.

We proudly present many different areas of study making Kol Tikvah a place of religious and educational growth.  Over time, we hope that members will meet their fellow congregants allowing them to grow their network of personal and business relationships, making Kol Tikvah not just a temple but a true community center.

Karen Neiberg, Adult Education Board of Trustees

Carol Fischer, Temple President


Classes begin on October 15 – watch for our 2018-2019 Adult Education Brochure coming soon:

Calling all Adult Learners!

Enjoy informal learning with no tests to pass…
just educate yourself in a friendly class!

Emotional Struggles: Speaker and Film Series

Meditation and Mysticism

Introduction to Judaism

Kol Tikvah Book Club

Jews and Food

Musical Midrash

A Writer’s Workshop

The Jewish Soul and the Christian Composer

Scholar-in-Residence Guest Speakers

The Second Book of Kings

Learner’s Minyan

Weekly Torah Study

And much more!